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Ray Savage


My name is Ray Savage, but some know me as Ray or Stingray productions! I have multiple Youtube channels that I work on every day! However, I'm also an author! That's right, I write my own fiction books and maybe someday will expand to non-fiction!


"ONE OF THE GREATEST MINECRAFT ADVENTURES OF THE CENTURY!" From beginning to end, this book is packed with mystery and adventure that will send you on a journey that keeps you engaged from cover to cover! Terron is full of surprises and—through actions of chance and misfortune—soon is sent on a quest with four companions to discover the source of a new darkness that has emerged from the north . . . and threatens the existence of the great people of Anaras and the Overworld!


TERRON is not one to get involved in other people’s business or go on exciting adventures. He enjoys his simple life in his cozy oak dwelling. But soon things begin to happen which force him away from his home and on a journey from which there is no return until the terrible darkness from the north is locked. Will Terron be successful and conquer the Minotaur from the north in the land of Yograne? Only those willing to read his story will know.


"Both Terron and Movus were beginning to understand where they were. Looking down into the large area, they saw those many hallways which were large enough for a large being to walk through. Though they had already entered the labyrinth, this place looked to be for only one purpose: to house the great and terrible Minotaur of Yograne."


HEROBRINE thinks he is the most powerful super villain in the world! He has his fantastic castle that he named after himself, but he soon finds out that he needs help decorating . . . and that he's perhaps not the most powerful super villain after all!


✓ This book is perfect for all young people alike! It's full of action, plots, revenge, and even good comedy! This simply is a must read for all Minecraft fans!


© Ray Savage 2021



The ender dragons at the monster school have a wonderful time learning things! They learn to read and write, but they also learn how to do things in Minecraft! In this book the ender dragon teacher will teach the ender dragon students how to craft dye, make blocks, and build a wonderful house! They also learn to help someone in need!


• Ray Savage writes unofficlal Minecraft books for all ages. He also owns his own Minecraft YouTube channel that reaches more than one million people every month. 


© Ray Savage 2021

Miquoya Book Cover.png

Hold on tight for one of the greatest fantasy quests of your life! The unicorns of the olden days came from across the red lands, over the Great Gray Mountains, and finally to the forest of Raekaran, their final sanctuary! For many years passing, they are in peace . . . until the spheres darken and the terrible taint of the north threatens their woodland realm!

Good for ages 9 and up!

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